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Backlit displays for your office windows & walls

Our new catalog is designed to give you an overview of our backlit LED display system. Striking, economical, easy to install and simple to use, our panels are another tool to help you market your agents and listings. One of the best features is their versatility. In fact, you can start with as little as […]

Coronaproof luchtreiniger voor kantoren

Back to work with our air purifier

Sterile air in any desired room In addition to the standard measures against COVID-19 to keep a distance of 1.5 meters and to disinfect, virus-free air is an important element in the fight against the virus. We do this by selling our plug & clean solution, the Dantasy Foils air purifier. By purchasing an air […]

Solar Screen data jammer film

Upgrade your office with innovative films

At Dantasy Foils we always embrace new and innovative solutions. Hence why we present you this series of blog posts dedicated to innovations in the market.In the domain of films there are numberous new ways to upgrade and secure your office. E-film This is a privacy film you can turn the film on and off […]

Free tip: how to deliver (print) files

Do you also have difficulties in delivering the right (print) files? No worries, you’re definately not the only one!If you go through our tips below, you’ll be ready by 99%. Do you still encounter issues or have questions? We’re here to help. Did you foresee enough offset?Offset and digital: 2 mm, XXL: 5 mmIs your […]

Corona: protection is key

It has never been more important to protect yourself, your employees and your customers. Since corona is all over the place, we thought about different products which can help you to protect and inform everyone in and around your company about security and hygienic measures you are taking. Hereunder you can find some very interesting […]

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