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Back to work with our air purifier

June 5, 2021

Back to work with our air purifier

Sterile air in any desired room

In addition to the standard measures against COVID-19 to keep a distance of 1.5 meters and to disinfect, virus-free air is an important element in the fight against the virus. We do this by selling our plug & clean solution, the Dantasy Foils air purifier. By purchasing an air purifier, you limit the risk of virus spread via aerosols in your indoor space to an absolute minimum.

Due to the technology in our air purifier, the aerosol pressure is reduced to an almost sterile level in any desired room! More about this further on this page, but here are some applications:

  • Air purifier sports
  • Air purifier construction
  • Air purifier healthcare
  • Air purifier for office spaces

Four advantages when purchasing an air purifier

Dantasy Foils Air Purification offers more than just sales. For example, we measure your air quality in advance, we provide tailor-made advice for your space and we offer a standard warranty with, if necessary, periodic maintenance. Measuring air quality, transport and installation is included in the price as standard.

All benefits at a glance

  1. Air quality measurement

  2. Free test placement

  3. Tailored advice

  4. Free service and installation

Plasmafilter vs HEPA filter

Viruses are deactivated instead of captured
Less power is required, which means less energy consumption and less noise pollution
Low maintenance because a plasma filter only needs to be replaced once every 4 years on average

Our air purifier cleans a room up to 400 cubic meters

The coronavirus spreads not only through direct and indirect contact, but also through the air. Microscopic aerosols float in indoor spaces that carry viruses, bacteria, pollen and odors with them. Aerosols that you and your visitors, employees or patients can inhale again. Even good ventilation is not enough against the airborne spread of viruses, pollen and bacteria.

Air purification is an effective complement to ventilation. The mobile air purifier from Dantasy foils provides a truly healthy, clean and fresh air with a unique combination of 4 cleaning techniques!


  1. Healthy, clean and fresh air
  2. Whisper quiet
  3. Energy efficient
  4. Odorless
  5. User friendly
  6. Mobile

Voltage: 220V (15-48W)
Noise level: max. 42 dB
Dimensions: 340 x 340 x 1700 mm
Weight: 40kg
Material: metal black coated
Filter technique: ionized plasma filter

Buy our air purifier

Governments also impose guidelines for air quality, depending on the type of space. It is therefore certainly important to check this for your specific spaces. Dantasy Foils can help you with our tailor-made advice. Would you like to know more about this COVID-19 proof solution, or are you interested in a purchase? Fill in the form below.

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