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Dantasy Foils is specialized in all kinds of glassfilmswallprintsglassboards, wall coverings, blinds, stands, displays, banners, signage and 3D signage or illuminated signage and so much more. We transform your office or your home into a nice space to work or live. We realize a lot of projects in Europe as well as in the USA.

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How can we help you?

Films, prints, boards, wall coverings, blinds, stands, displays, banners, 3D signage and more!

We are a dealer and supplier of all kinds of glassfoils and privacy films that can be customized with a digital print or decorative design. If you'd like to give your design a personal touch, we will create it for you!

With our Cover Styl' products, we are able to renovate or transform your walls and furniture to give your space a brand new look.

Our writeable and/or magnetic boards can be used in for example offices, meeting rooms and brainstorm rooms and are completely customizable with your own brand in order to give your (working) space a fabulous finishing touch.

Our creative team takes care of all your requests for signage products like banners, stands, displays and 3D signage. We take care of the whole process: creation, production and delivery.

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3 companies, 1 great team!

Dantasy Foils Europe

Dantasy Foils Belgium is specialized in all kind of glass films, wall prints, glass boards…We transform your office or your house into a nice space to work or live.We realize our projects in Belgium and abroad within the EU.

Reclamestudio D'antasy

Reclamestudio D'antasy is a sign company, specialized in all kind of sign projects: fabric banners, dimensional lettering, LED displays….

Dantasy Foils USA

Dantasy Foils USA llc is founded in the United States.This company focuses on the import and the export of  window films, digital prints, magnetic glass boards,… but realizes also total concepts for office spaces.

Decorative foils
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With over 20 years of experience, Dantasy Foils is your perfect partner!

Complete concepts

We take care of your whole space: windows, walls furniture and finishing.


Our creative team is always happy to help you customizing your project.


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