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Free tip: how to deliver (print) files

Do you also have difficulties in delivering the right (print) files? No worries, you’re definately not the only one!
If you go through our tips below, you’ll be ready by 99%. Do you still encounter issues or have questions? We’re here to help.

  1. Did you foresee enough offset?
    Offset and digital: 2 mm, XXL: 5 mm
  2. Is your supplied document format in accordance with the ordered format?
  3. Did you only use CMYK colors?
  4. If you are trying to deliver plot files, did you check if the paths are all outlined?
  5. If you are trying to deliver rasterized files, did you check whether the resolution is sufficiently high?
    Small format: 300 dpi, large format: 150 dpi
  6. Is your text positioned fare enough from the edges? We advice to leave at least 5mm.
  7. Are images & elements aligned to the fold lines, if any?
  8. Brochures: is the number of pages supplied in accordance with the order?

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